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Formal entry requirements

  1. To be admitted to the programme, candidates must be holders of a secondary school diploma or equivalent document (for example, Polish Matura, or  High School Diploma) entitling them to undertake undergraduate studies. This document should include a full transcript of grades (a list of the final grades received in specific subjects). Those who have not yet obtained their certificate can apply on condition that they will submit the certificate before 1 October 2020.
  2. Candidates to the programme will be invited to an admission interview which they will attend in person or via Skype. The interview will focus on candidate’s motivation to study International Relations and Area Studies in English.  
  3. Every candidate to this programme who is not a native English speaker needs to submit a document confirming their competency in the English language, at least at the B2 level. A list of certificates recognized by the Jagiellonian University is available at the admissions website or can be emailed by IRAS office on request. Candidates who do not have such a certificate will be invited to the admission interview which will determine whether their command of the English language is sufficient.

Failing to take part in the interview or submit the documents required can lead to denial of admission

Final result

Candidates are ranked according to their final result on their secondary school transcript, which comes from either their Native Language or Modern Foreign Language final grade. The highest grade/ result is chosen.

Information about calculating the results of various international qualifications (e.g. Ukrainian, Belarusian, German etc.) may be found at

For the final result to be computed candidates need to submit a scanned copy of their secondary school diploma with a transcript discussed above. The copy needs to be emailed to:     

  • Holders of the Polish Matura certificate, International Baccalaureate Diploma or European Baccalaureate certificate are not required to submit their documents—they should instead enter their results in their OAS account.
  • Holders of qualifications obtained in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, and Great Britain should enter their results in a form available in their OAS account, section “Matura or international qualification results”, and submit it by email to