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Association of International and Area Studies

The Association of International and Area Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (AIAS) is a self-governing, self-forming student society registered with the Faculty of International and Political Studies.

AIAS and our goals

  • Education – developing academic interests and expanding students' knowledge of international affairs and those of the world.
  • Communication – integrating students interested in international relations and studies. We look at ways to promote what's happening in the world.
  • Diversity – creating a community of scholars and universal minds, where our ideas come together.
  • Inspiring – sparking interest and encouraging each member development through- debates, movie nights, discussion groups, conferences, special projects, study trips, publishing articles and media, etc.

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How we work

General Assembly – consists of all official members, 1 official meeting during year/semester.

The Board of Coordinators – executive organ of the association. Its main responsibility is to organize and coordinate the teamwork of the members of the association. It consists of six coordinators led by the President. Each Coordinator is held accountable for the success of his or her branch. The President oversees the six branches of the Board, coordinates between the branches, and offers advice/aid when necessary.

The Audit Committee – its main functions are maintaining the record of the activities of both the Steering Committee and the General Assembly of Members, and settling various disputes which might arise between members of the association.

JOIN US for the experience and help us grow!

Contact AIAS by e-mail, Facebook, or through the Board of Coordinators & Audit Committee.

The Statute of AIAS is available here.

AIAS Board 2016/2017

President: Viktoria Prasslsberger

Secretary: Yegor Kovalchuk

Treasurer: Viktoria Chaban

Academic Team Coordinator: Anastasiya Kornitska;

Deputies: Alejandro Leal, Elena Grozdanovska

Social Team Coordinator: Vita Kobiela;

Deputies: Brandon Powell (Maru Maru), Anna Pomortseva

PR Team Coordinator: Jessica Szabla;

Deputies: Musab Alnour, Tania Tovstenko

AIAS latest events

20 November 2015 — Second General Meeting

Deputies were appointed to Coordinator of Academic Affairs and to President. 24 new members joined. Election of the new Coordinator of Media took place.

23 November 2015 — Delegates recruitment for MUN

24 November 2015 — Volunteer recruitment for MUN

We had a great turn-up! New members first met altogether on November, 30 on the first MUN workshop to be introduced what MUN is, how it works and what are the rules. Participants received MUN guides with detailed explanation of MUN regulations.

25 November 2015 — Oxford Debate on Refugees Crisis

The topic was highly controversial, disputable and emotional. The turn-up was good, and many guestions were asked. This made the discussion active, and created a dynamic atmosphere. It was a great practice of public speaking and improving your self-confidence by building arguments smartly!

7 December — movie night "The Great European Disaster"

First AIAS movie night is already tomorrow, at 17.30, Auditorium Maximum, Mala Aula The Great European Disaster examines the identity crisis of current-day Europe and the complex challenges that are mounting against the Union's survival. It will be an amazing possibility for you to try to analyze the current European political situation, try to see the situation from a different perspective. The movie will be followed with a discussion and open questions.

9 December, 11am, Collegium Novum, Aula Glowna — Guest Lecture by professor John Mearsheimer (Univeristy of Chicago) "Why the West – not Putin – Is Responsible for the Ukraine Crisis"

AIAS and the Polish Society for International Studies cordially invite you to a lecture by one of the most influential theorists in the world of international relations, Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago.

10 December — city game "Become the Brave Shoemaker and beat the Wawel Dragon"

Samorząd Studentów WSMiP UJ invites you to do a quest around Krakow and Main Square. We hope to see you on Thursday at 2 p.m. on the Main Square. You can register by sending mail to with your and your teammates' names. Remember that 1 team = 4 people

11-12 December — MUN Conference

For the first time in Jagiellonian University the Model United Nations Conference was organized! Thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, and delegates. This year's Model United Nations was a huge success and a great time! See more on

1st March 2016 – Cybersecurity & Opportunities: an open lecture by the Institute of Kościuszko

8th March 2016 – Feminism: How empowering women can change our world

19th March 2016 – Majdan w obiektywie Jakuba Szymczuka - Excursion

19th March 2016 – Meet and Greet with Dutch Students

20 October 2016 – AIAS General Meeting

2 November 2016 U.S. Presidential Debate viewing and discussion

9 November 2016 - Oxford Debate and Workshop

16 November 2016 - United Nations from the Inside - Part 1

25 November 2016 - United Nations from the Inside - Part 2

Upcoming events:

30 November 2016 - Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom - Film viewing and discussion

2 December 2016 - Cybersecurity Conference

AIAS Christmas Celebration