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IRAS student received the "Grants for the Future" award

We are proud to inform, that Natalia Szymańska – one of the best of IRAS students and the President of The Association of International and Area Studies - has just received a grant in the competition for outstanding students.

The aim of "Grants for the Future" is to conduct scientific research as part of student research teams, develop scientific competences and involve students in research work. Natalia Szymańska has been recognized for Jagimun - the flagship AIAS project, realized under the supervision of IRAS director, Dr. Dominika Dziwisz.

#JagiMUN is a simulation of UN meetings organised in the form of a scientific conference, during which its participants, mainly students, try to recreate sessions of the United Nations bodies, which allows for the development or improvement of their leadership qualities, public speaking skills or negotiation and language skills. The conference allows the participants to play the role of ambassadors of UN members states and take part in the discussion on current international problems that appear in the official UN agenda.

JagiMUN is one of the largest conferences organised in this format in the Central-Eastern European region and attracts participants from all over Europe and even the world. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, JagiMUN hosted a conference attended by citizens from over 60 countries around the world. Even the pandemic did not stop the research circle from holding the conference in 2021. It is true that it needed to be conducted online, yet this did not stop the research circle from hosting 81 delegates from over 50 countries of the world as well as receiving the special mention award for "submitting an outstanding resolution on the topic of 'Refugees and Technology' in the 2021 MUN Refugee Challenge".

photo of Natalia Szymańska who received a grant in the competition for outstanding students, on the right side logo of jagimun