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9th IRAS Guest Lecture

Data: 19.11.2018
Czas rozpoczęcia: 12.00
Miejsce: Auditorium Maximum, Seminar Room

9th IRAS Guest Lecture on “The collapse of the USSR in comparison to the collapse of imperial Russia and empires in general” will be delivered by Professor Dominic Lieven, University of Cambridge, on 19 November 2018 at 12.00-13.20.

Date: 19 November, 12.00-13.20

Venue: Auditorium Maximum, Seminar Room

We are pleased to invite all IRAS Students and Lecturers to the 9th IRAS Guest Lecture that will be delivered by Professor Dominic Lieven, FBA, Trinity College, Cambridge, on Monday 19 November 2018 at 12.00-13.20. Professor Lieven specializes in world history including Russian history, empires and emperors, the Napoleonic era and the First World War, as well as European aristocracy.


Dominic Lieven: Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge (from 2011) and Fellow of the British Academy (from 2001). Born Singapore 1952. Christ’s College Cambridge (1970-3), Kennedy Scholar Harvard (1974-4), Foreign Office (1974-5), PhD at SSEES/London University(1975-8). LSE: 1978-2011 Lecturer (1978) and Professor (1993). Head of Government Dept (2001-4), Head of History Dept (2009-11), Member of governing Council of LSE 2003-8). Visiting professor Tokyo University and Harvard (1992-3). Humboldt Fellow (1985-6), Leverhulme Major Research Fellow (2006-9). Residence: Cambridge, Tokyo, London.

Research Interests

Imperial Russian history, history of empires, Napoleonic era, First World War, monarchy.

Key Publications:

Russia and the Origins of the First World War (1983)

Russia’s Rulers under the Old Regime (1988)

Aristocracy in Europe (1992)

Nicholas II: Emperor of all the Russias (1993)

Empire: The Russian Empire and its Rivals (2001); The Cambridge History of Russia. Volume 2 (2006 – Editor)

Russia against Napoleon. The Struggle for Europe, 1807-1814 (2009).

Towards the Flame. Empire, War and the End of Tsarist Russia, Penguin, London, 2015: US edition: The End of Tsarist Russia. The Road to World War I and Revolution, Penguin, August 2015.